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Sapphire Young Selfies

October 27, 2014

   Philippine shemale Sapphire Young published her selfies. Check out the real size of her dick!

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Sapphire Young Outdoor

October 18, 2014

   Philippine shemale Sapphire Young outdoor beach photo-session in bikini.

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Cute Little Ladyboy Joana

October 12, 2014

   Very cute asian ladyboy Joana gets naked and shows her snake!

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Sexy Vitress Tamayo

September 21, 2014

   Super-hot Philippine shemale Vitress Tamayo in sexy black dress poses and gets naked then.

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Filipino shemale Samantha

May 24, 2014

   Super-sexy Philippine tranny Samantha exposes herself in sexy lingerie on the stairs. Her beautiful face, long sexy hair and a Cock! A yummy hard cock hidden in her black panties. Check out the story:

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