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    Hi and welcome to my official website! My name is Vivian Black, and I want to personally guide you through my site's tour, and hopefully, through my members area.
    I am 20 years and Latin from head to toe. That includes a very oversized cock that is my most proud posession :) I have 11 inches of shecock, and I'm not shy to show it! It is actually because of my big cock and my ass, that I have been told that I am the perfect woman. I just hope to be perfect for you...

    Like most women, I like walks on the beach, roses and wine, but that's getting old and boring. So to be honest, I must confess that my true favorites are to play my violoncello, play with puppies and cook Italian and Mexican food. I'm a really good cook, and I'm currently taking cheff lessons in my free time. As for the violoncello, I was trained in classical cello since the age of 9 but once I turned 18, I had better (and more fun) things to do, so after I graduated with honors, I stopped studying. Don't take me wrong, I love playing and I'm proud of my talent, but I just don't see myself as a professional cellist. I rather have other things between my legs than a violoncello ;)
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    I currently live in Florida, United States, and travel all over the USA, Mexico and Canada, trying to make a name for myself in the shemale scene. I perform in some nighclub shows from time to time, but mostly, I'm concentrating on filming lots and lots of videos for my website!

    My future plans include living every minute of my life to the max (that includes lots of traveling and lots of time at the gym), plus lots and lots of good wild sex!